Sleep Paralysis: Death and The Maiden


Rodney Ascher Director, Korinne Wilson (Occult Priestess) interviewee. Filming The Nightmare Documentary.

 Greetings and Salutations. You have found this blog because you want to understand beyond the Mysteries, pierce the veil of illusion and see with your single eye. 
As the Priestess and revealer of the Unseen, I will guide you through this most frightening journey, from darkness to light. 

1.) My Story of Sleep Paralysis


2.) Meeting Rodney Ascher


3.) The Nightmare Film Documentary



My Story of Sleep Paralysis:

The Personal recount of Nineteen years with Sleep Paralysis and the “Shadow Man”, penned September 2, 2010 by  Occult Priestess Korinne Wilson

The Video Version:

My name is Korinne, the “French” version of Kore. Kore is the Goddess who came from the light to learn from and to overcome the underworld. My life mythos closely follows the Kore/Persephone myth, the Maiden and the Darkness.
My life began the mirror image of this myth through Sleep Paralysis; where I had a Real boogeyman tormenting me throughout my adult development. Sleep paralysis is often accompanied with haunting feelings and a shadow figure,  alien or creepy creature. For me it was always the Shadow man.

Sleep Paralysis always followed the same pattern.

“This is how it happens to people” Secret Window ~ Stephen King

I would lay down; soon a wave of utter exhaustion would wash over me. My limbs grew too heavy to move and my eyes sealed shut. I could not move, not even an eyelid.
Then I felt a vibration passing through my body, following the path of an electrical current. Sometimes the vibration was so intense I felt like I was hooked up to live voltage.
Then I would hear voices of pain, suffering and anger in my mind.
I would see a three-dimensional shadow of a man near my bed. The feeling I got from him is not of this world. I have described it as “hyper evil”. It was a very high vibration of low deep death, a dark vibration that permeated me like the boom of fireworks. It reminds me of what insanity must feel like.
He would walk disjointed, (like the effect of a strobe light or stop motion photography), vibrating that awful feeling accompanied by a choir of angry screams and tortured sobs.
I would try anything to awaken from this state of terror, from moving my eyes in certain esoteric patterns to prayer, which seldom worked.
The times I was successful in escaping the “Shadow man” I astral projected out of my body otherwise known as an “out of body experience”. I remember several times landing on the floor, out of my bed and out of my body.
I never saw the shadow man in my room after I was out of my body.
I remember leaving my room on several occasions to find a hiding spot near my mother where I could fall asleep. For years I thought someone picked me up and placed me back onto my bed, because that is where I always woke up. I did not realize I was in spirit (or astral) during my evening trips.

I will always remember the years of endless nocturnal terror, walking around at school in a daze, haunted by my dreams throughout the day. I experienced episodes of sleep paralysis at least twice a week (more often it was nightly) until I was nineteen years old.


The subject of the shadow man and nightly terror is a ripe field for the Jungian psychologist to go poking around in. According to Jungian psychology all the characters in our dreams or our minds are reflections of our own psyche. A Jungian thinker may ask themselves “Why would such a young child be experiencing traumatic hypnogogic hallucinations? One would question how her shadow self could have risen to such proportions as to frighten her out of her skin literally.”

I was physically battered and verbally abused on a daily basis. The psychic visions of Vietnam from my “father figure” and his demonic way of punishing me and controlling me set up a physical embodiment of the boogie man.

Peace came to me only in complete solitude. I struggled into my mid twenties with post “dramatic” (traumatic) stress disorder. On the flip side, we can never know darkness more than we have the capability to know the light. I feel I stretched far into the darkness so that I could slingshot back, straight to into the Light.

So what is Sleep Paralysis? Scientifically speaking, normally the body releases the chemical melatonin (paralysis juice) so that we do not act out our dreams in our physical body. Researchers have said the brain releases too much melatonin into the body, therefore we become paralyzed while our mind is not yet in the REM or dream state. A somewhat higher dose of melatonin does not explain the hypnogogic hallucinations. Many speculate that sleep paralysis and alien abduction are the same thing. Others with sleep paralysis describe seeing many dark creatures or aliens. I always saw the same three-dimensional shadow man.

I have not discovered the full story behind sleep paralysis. I do know it occurs as a common side effect of astral travel. The vibration in my body rose so much that I could feel it just like an arc of electricity. In order to astral project our energy must rise, or vibrate at a higher rate to get the soul out of the body. Sleep paralysis is a distorted disoriented state of consciousness that triggers our primordial fight or flight response (possible fear of death), thus causing our brain to release large amounts of “Fear” or “Defense” chemicals into our emotional system. Perhaps the body’s response to being awake and paralyzed confuses our delicate electrical system? Could the chemicals released cause the hallucinations, or is our mind actually aware of an alternate dimension in which these “dark creatures” or “aliens” live?

I was twelve years old when I saw the movie “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Freddy Kruger the nightmare man was tormenting teenagers in their sleep. What a gruesome shadow man he was, burned flesh with a “dad” hat (representing authority) and razor claws made to rip your soul apart. In the movie the dream became a reality as Freddy Kruger jumped from dreamland into our world through the power he gathered from his victims fear. The screams of terror gave Freddy the key to our physical reality.

Facing the Shadow Man

Sleep Paralysis could have easily been the inspiration for the blockbuster “Nightmare” series. “A Nightmare on Elm Street” had been the only form of media I had seen that even touched on my Dreamtime.

I took the philosophy of the movie into my heart. ‘If you are confronted with the boogeyman face him’. I fought for several years with this new dream character Freddy manifested in full archetype in my dreamscape. Finally for once I did something different. I would usually run from him, try to fight him, attack him, or simply astral project out of my body as a way of escape.

In this dream Freddy and I were on the stairs at my aunt Pat and uncle Bobs home. The boogeyman and I were in a death grip as I tried to over power him. Maybe it was because we were so close, I could see into his eyes. I stopped my effort and looked at him. I saw a very flawed and sad human through all that pain and gore. I was filled with compassion. I reached out to him, embracing him with my heart and my arms, charred flesh, brimstone smell and all.

I no longer encountered Freddy in my dreams, that nightmare was finally over. Psychoanalyzing this dream tells me that part of my psyche felt like Freddy, a freak, an outcast, a killer. My soul had to learn that “evil” is merely suffering.

Currently I am 36 and an educated occultist and professional psychic/channel. I feel I have the “training” to find and figure out the “Shadowman”. I do not take Carl Jungs psychological explanation as an “excuse” for the shadow. I do not believe in the concept of “Evil” or a devil. Like I said that Shadow seemed “not of this world” so I have no knowledge that it was actually trying to hurt me. I don’t blame the shadow … I am just curious to the point of being angry.

For more on my Personal Experience with Sleep Paralysis See my Youtube Channel.


Meeting Rodney Ascher:

First Contact:

Ted Torbich E-mail: Hi Korinne! Hope all is well for you. I received a msg. from someone who is a documentary maker who expressed an interest in interviewing you.
Ted Torbich is the host of “THE STENCH OF TRUTH” radio show. This is the Interview that got Tim Kirk’s attention.
Ted’s Interview with me on “The Stench of Truth”

My e-mail to Tim Kirk: I received the following e-mail from Ted Torbich via facebook. Thank you for thinking of me. Send me some details and I will be happy to reply.
Blessings, Rev. Korinne Wilson OccultPriestess Youtube Channel

Tim Kirk first Contact: Hello Korinne, Thank you for your kind reply. My name is Tim Kirk and I am a documentary producer. I am working on a film on Shadow People. I am very captivated by your thoughts and experiences. Would you be available for an interview? I’d like to have our director, Rodney Ascher … <Edited for Privacy>

Rodney Ascher First Contact: February 5th 2013; Dear Reverend Wilson, I’m a filmmaker working on a documentary about Sleep Paralysis (I’ve experienced it a few times myself) and after watching some of your youtube videos it was pretty clear that you’d be a great person to talk with. You’ve obviously had a lot of first hand experience and you’ve clearly spent a lot of time thinking about it as well. If you were at all interested in sharing some of your thoughts and experiences, we’d find them an invaluable part of the project! Director, ROOM 237, official selection Sundance, Toronto, New York Film Festivals,US: COMING MARCH 29 2013 to a theater near you via IFC Films <Edited for Privacy>

What was to follow, a phone interview. Rodney had mailed me a tape recorder and microphone set up. He called my home, and we chatted for a bit under three hours. June 6th 2013 I made the following note in my journal…   “Yesterday I interviewed with Rodney Ascher (Leo).”

In early August of 2014 the Interview you see in “The Nightmare” documentary, took place in the early evening twilight. Rodney Ascher as a person, and a director was very Kind and genuine with me. He made no attempt to inform my experience, or manipulate my story in any way. He answered all my silly questions, and made me feel at ease. The crew also made me feel welcome. I got the feeling Rodney and the crew had been through a lot with this movie, the terrifying experiences, they almost seemed a bit shell-shocked. I know at times I felt like a war veteran recalling the horror of the battlefield. The crew exuded a presence of  dark understanding, that hung in the air.

While my segment was being filmed, I tried a little experiment. I laid down on the couch and allowed my consciousness to re-experience a paralysis event.  I placed my consciousness into a memory of Sleep Paralysis from age six. As a well-trained psychic this was quite easy to do. I saw the Shadow man walking towards me and psychically asked him what he wanted. I saw his blackness come toward me, to cover me, and then, to enter me. The Entity was attempting to possess my body while my consciousness was “dreaming” in a higher dimension. I have since come across many instances of sleep paralysis sufferers feeling a dread, that the Shadow Man wanted to take over their body.

After the Filming I treated Rodney Ascher to a Tarot Reading. I can reveal, I told him “the Nightmare” Film would perform very well! My lips are sealed on the rest.

I have yet to see “The Nightmare” myself, I look forward to it.


The Nightmare Film Documentary: 

The Media Blitz Scrap Book of Links, Pics and Tweets

Tweet: @ssoyunum : Watching ‪#‎TheNightmare‬ will give you sleep paralysis.‪#‎Sundance‬

Rodney Ascher: Made possible through collaboration with Bridger Nielson, Jonathan Snipes, Tim Kirk, Glen Zipper, Ross Dinerstein, Andrew Schwarz, Louisa Van Leer, Syd Garon, Christopher Bleuze-Carolan, Kate Angus, Korinne Wilson, Saul Herckisand, a whole ton of very nice people.  “Sundance Review: THE NIGHTMARE Is The Scariest Movie Of The Decade, And it’s a Documentary!”:

What do you want Sundance audiences to take away from your film?
Rodney Ascher: “People see things. ”

Tweet: Devin Faraci : If, as some speculate in THE NIGHTMARE, sleep paralysis can be spread by talking about it, @Rodney_Ascher is an irresponsible filmmaker!

Rolling Stone: 25 Must-See Movies at Sundance 2015:

DeadLine: Hybrid Horror ‘The Nightmare’ Brings Boogeymen To Sundance – Hot Clip:

Tweet:  @AADowd: THE NIGHTMARE (Ascher): So help me God if I get sleep paralysis from watching this movie. #Sundance2015

The Guardian: Sundance 2015 review: The Nightmare – documentary shows truth more frightening than fiction:

IndieWire:Meet the 2015 Sundance Filmmmakers #6: Rodney Ascher’s ‘The Nightmare’

A.V. Club: Sundance 2015:

Tweet:  supermannas: #TheNightmare – a chilling #doc on sleep paralysis w self-aware reenactments reinforcing confidence in interviews’ validity! #Sundance

Slash Films: The Nightmare review:


Star Tribune:

Feel Guide:


VARIETY ya’ll, now that’s fancy!! : 



#NightTerrors: Rodney Ascher’s Sleep Paralysis Doc ‘The Nightmare’ Gets a Release Date!

SXSW, Gravitas Ventures has announced they will be releasing it in North America in select theaters and VOD on June 5.

Link to Article:

Recommended Research:

David J. Hufford: Author of “Terror that Comes in the Night”. In my opinion Hufford is still the most researched expert on Sleep Paralysis. I contacted him in 2002 and shared my story with him. He commented that I had the most persistent case of Sleep Paralysis he had ever heard. Youtube Link to an Epic Interview with Hufford.

Occult Priestess: Collected Sleep Paralysis videos PlayList.

For a Better Understanding of the Fourth Dimension (Shadow Realm) and Ghosts, Read “AWAKENING TO GHOSTS: THE LOWER ASTRAL AND THE ANCESTORS PARTS ONE, TWO and THREE. ” by Occult Priestess Korinne


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Resume and Contact for Occult Priestess Korinne




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